History of Bilal Masjid

Around 1987, a few muslim families in the general suburbs of Portland felt the need for a Masjid within an easy driving distance. A meeting was held and as a means of evaluating both the real need and the ability of the local families to establish and sustain a Masjid, a weekly Mussallah was proposed. Consequently these families decided to perform one prayer daily in one another's homes in order to validate the need for a mosque. They prayed the Maghreb or the Eisha prayer together over the course of several months, at the end of which they decided that the trial period had been successful and that it was time to begin the search for a permanent location.

Funds were raised from the local muslim community and in autumn of 1994 they purchased a lot with a small house, which they were able to get the county to re-zone for conversion into a mosque. In 1995 fundraising began in earnest for a more traditional mosque structure. In 2000 the Bilal Mosque purchased two adjacent lots, which they successfully got re-zoned and added to the original lot. In 2001, a modular trailer was put on the adjacent lot as a temporary means of providing adequate space for Sunday school classes, holding meetings, hosting interfaith events, and accommodating the overflow during Friday congregational prayers and during Ramadan.

Bilal Mosque association would humbly like to acknowledge with deep appreciation the patience, assistance, guidance and good support that we have received and continue to receive from the neighborhood, the county, the local elected officials and members in the law enforcement communit.

The Masjid is managed by an Masjid Committee. The Committee reports to the Board of Trustees .

Bilal Masjid is currently located in Beaverton at 4115 SW 160th, Beaverton OR 97007.


Prayer Adhan Iqamah
Fajr 3:50 4:15
Duhr 1:17 1:30
Asr 6:34 6:45
Maghrib 8:54 8:59
Isha 10:44 10:49
Bilal Masjid
1:30 PM & 2:45 PM
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