COVID-19 Update

We know the COVID-19 virus is taking a toll on the community and we pray that Allah provide us relief from this. Our contact info is listed below.


1.    Bilal masjid is closed for All Activities no prayers, no jummah.

2.    This Friday the 27th @ 3 PM, Bilal Masjid will livestream lecture by Imam Toure titled “The Human Being: both the illness and the remedy”. Please click here to be directed to the page.

3.       If there are elderly people in the community who are struggling to go out and buy basic necessities, please let us know via contact methods listed below

4.      Please reach out to the masjid if you need help.

5.      Please pay more sadaqah and zakat to help those who are suffering in this difficult time:


[email protected]
     *   +1503 591 7233