Sponsor Milk, Dates and Water

While the Hadith encourages offering meal to the fasting person, as we learn from another hadith, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) states that it is possible to offer  iftar even with a sip of water, a cup of milk or with a single date.

At Bilal Masjid we arrange daily Iftar dinner for families. 
Last year average attendance was 150 people during weekdays and 225+ during weekends. 

There are opportunities to sponsor following three major items during Ramadan:

1. Milk and Dates ($100/day)

2. Water for Iftar & Tarawih ($70/day)

You can sponsor for one-day, one-week or more.

First come, first served

Please do not buy these items yourself. We get special discounted prices from local businesses. If you can get better rates contact us first before buying anything.

To sponsor please email:

[email protected]com

Ramadan Committee